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Angel Song™ Essences
Heaven in a Bottle!!

These essences are unlike any you have used before.
They are very active and direct infusions of
Angelic Sound and Light frequencies,
administered by the angels, through me,
coded for each specific purpose.

The essences act upon your Physical and Light Matrix
at all levels, to bring about releases and clearings,
which allow Divine energies to restore a higher state of function,
facilitating healing and spiritual growth.

It's the power of an Angelic Healing session,
stored in a few drops of water!!

They are available in the basic essences,
and also as
custom infusions
for your specific needs, such as cancer and auto-immune disorders.

Let's talk if you are not sure what will work best for you!

These are 1 oz. sealed dropper bottles of spring
water, infused with Angelic sound frequencies
and Light. Cider vinegar is the preservative agent.
    Heaven in a Bottle!
    Product Listing
    See products below, order at the left

All individual essences can be purchased for
$25/bottle (includes shipping in mainland US)
[minimum purchase for international is 2 bottles;
any customs fees are responsibility of the buyer]

    Chakra Series

    This series of essences is devoted to Chakra
    healing. Their purpose is to heal and release
    the chakra wounds that no longer serve you.
    They can be used over and over again as we
    spiral up in our cycles of awareness, healing
    and soul attachment.

    The Major chakra series includes :
    Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus,
    Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and
    Crown Chakra essences

    OR they can be bought in an 8-bottle set,
    which also includes one Transpersonal
    essence for the Earth Star Chakra
    (This chakra is critical for grounding into and
    receiving Earth energies, and is the most blocked
    chakra I find in my clients, and myself. )

    The complete set of 8
    can be purchased for $175,
    which includes shipping and handling (in
    mainland US, ask about rates elsewhere).
    [This is a savings of $25 over individual

    The Transpersonal Chakra series
    Stellar Gateway--receives pure Divine Light

    Soul Star chakra--acts like AC/DC adapter for
    pure Divine Light -->our Light Matrix

    Causal chakra--Divine Inspiration, higher
    activations of the Crown, Brow and Throat

    Earth Star chakra--gateway to Gaia's Heart,

    These are currently only available to healers
    and spiritual teachers/counselors, as they are
    part of advanced spiritual growth support
    (also to those transitioning into 5D, who can
    handle the higher energy flow these will

    If you are a healer, spiritual
    counselor, spiritual teacher, or are
    working on your transition into 5D,
    please message me in the yellow box
    at the right if you are interested in
    the Transpersonal chakra set.

    The Spiritual Growth Series

    These essences are meant to support
    Spiritual Growth, when this is an
    intentional goal that you are pursuing.
    They will provide support in facilitating
    the higher-level releases, integrations
    and awareness that occur as you
    approach 5D functionality. They help
    with the deep releases, and the
    energetic and emotional integration of
    these changes as you move into closer
    alignment with your soul.

    This series includes:

    Soul Alignment--helps the mental
    and emotional bodies learn to work with
    Heart-direction, aligning with Soul
    Identity and Mission

    Vortex of Prosperity--moves you
    into alignment with your Soul Purpose,
    the path to true prosperity.

    Archangel Michael's Energy
    Clearing essence:
    Works to clear negative energies
    in our bodies, light bodies and spaces.
    [This clearing essence does NOT take
    the place of personal spiritual hygiene,
    but supports and supplements it.]

    Also includes the Heartlight Angelic
    Healing Essence at the left, and the
    specialty essences on the right!

Micah's Healing--repairs any corruption in the coding of your
Divine Plan that exists in your matrix, and brings you back into
alignment with it. Also releases "stuckness" caused by this damage.

God's Playground--opens you to your Divine creative and
manifesting abilities, in alignment with your Highest Good.

Divine Grace--releasing ego attachments to rise above your
illusions into peace

Violet Flame Essence!!

One of the greatest tools for spiritual
freedom, brought to us by
St.Germaine, is the Violet Flame of
transmutation --transmuting
negative energies into positive ones.

The angels have made possible the
infusion of all the energies and
properties of the Violet Flame, into an
Angel Song Essence!!

    Akashic Clearing essence:
    The Angel Raziel and Angel Micah
    work through this essence to clear
    from you and your Akashic
    Records all that is not part of your
    current Divine Plan, and clears the
    residual energy of vows, contracts,
    curses, soul connections, and Past life
    trauma that have been removed.

The Transpersonal Chakra Series is the perfect
complement to all these essences, but must be used as
part of a supervised program of Spiritual Growth.

For orders outside the US mainland,
use the yellow box at right. --->

For orders in the continental US, order below.
Type in your essence choice, come back to add more,
and adjust quantities in the next screen.

    The I AM Series
    --a good starting place!

    This series of essences bring you into
    resonance with your I AM Presence in
    specific ways, and offers help to dissolve
    blockages that may be hindering this
    alignment and connection.

    The first three in the series would be a
    good place to begin using these essences,
    getting used to their energies and effects
    on your system.

    For prayer & meditation
    (or any time)

    I AM Divinely Connected

    I AM Centered

    I AM Love

    I AM Divine Light

    I AM Grateful

    I AM Present

    Whenever you need it!

    I AM Letting Go

    I AM Joyful

    I AM Prosperous

    I AM Powerful

    I AM at Peace

    I AM in Harmony

    I AM Awesome!

Emotional Balance
and Release Series

This series is devoted to achieving and
maintaining emotional balance, as well as
facilitating the emotional releases that help us
move into harmony, acceptance and peace.

This series includes:
Opening to Receive
Release stress and anxiety
Healing Grief
Coping with Change

    Additionally, this series addresses our fears, focusing on the
    wounds and beliefs that formed them. These also can be used
    continuously, because all our fears have many layers, and these
    essences help us release those that are coming up to be revealed
    and healed.

    I strongly suggest using these in conjunction with the
    Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra essences.

    This includes Releasing:
    What no longer serves you
    Detaching from Fear
    Financial Fears
    Fear of Rejection/expressing authentic Self

I Love Myself

Promotes self-love,
acceptance and
appreciation of your own
gifts. Brings healing and
release of emotional
baggage and beliefs that
hide our true wonder
from us!
I Love My Body

Addresses both body-image
issues and physical infirmity,
helping us love our bodies,
no matter what shape
they are in, or how well
they are working!
This can aid in healing
and weight-loss.

    Heartlight Angelic Healing

    Contains the same energies of Divine
    Love and Healing that I channel in my
    Heartlight Angelic Healing sessions with
    my clients!

    Can be used for personal healing and
    release regimens, spiritual growth
    programs, and also for healing of things
    like finances and relationships.

    Place a check or scans of debit
    cards in a plastic sleeve or ziploc,
    then put one or two drops of this
    essence  on it, daily. Watch for the
    changes that take place in both you and
    your financial situation!

    Put a picture of you and someone you
    are having difficulties with--even your
    kids--in a plastic sleeve or ziploc.
    Place a drop on each of the people in the
    picture daily, with the intention of
    healing the relationship. Watch to see
    how things start to change for both or
    all of you!
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